Artem Umanets in the interview with Raadio 4: “Nowadays, on the internet, you can buy anything, from groceries to a new car or apartment.”

In the time of the pandemic, more and more shopping occurs online. Artem Umanets, the board member of RIA.Com Marketplaces, answers the questions of the radio host Julia Lukashenkina in the interview with Raadio 4. What do people order from the internet? Is it possible to buy a car or real estate online? How to check if you can trust a seller and what to do if your goods have not arrived?

What do people buy?

Nowadays, you can buy anything literally from the internet. Since the beginning of the outbreak, a lot of companies that did not offer delivery, have reviewed their approach. They have started to promote their business online. And a lot of them succeeded. So on the internet, anything is for sale, from groceries to vehicles.

What else, apart from groceries? Can you buy such a significant thing as a car or an apartment?

The purchase of a car or real estate is a more complicated question. These days, when people have to stay in quarantine and limit social interaction, we need a different approach.  And our company was prepared. For instance, at our platform, which is the #6 automotive website in the world, we have implemented 16 types of vehicle checks. A person interested in a purchase of one or another used car has to verify the technical condition of a vehicle and check documents. Our technologies allow you to choose a car without leaving home and to minimize contact with others. Our inspectors do all the routine work. The same goes for our real estate platform, which is the nationally recognized brand in huge Ukraine. Thanks to the technology of 360° panoramic images, a person can virtually visit chosen real estate. Our inspectors, who perform filming, also check the documents for the apartment. As a result, a person receives maximum useful information without leaving home. In other words, we remove unnecessary steps for a client, so there is only one step left to sign a document for the purchase of a car or real estate.

Probably not every seller does this. How to understand that we use a trusted company that will guarantee secure shopping?

You should choose verified online-markets. For example, on Amazon, eBay, or Aliexpress, you can buy whatever you need. You should be careful with those shops that have recently been established and have a minimum range of goods. Another matter of concern should be visibly poor structure and quality of the online shop, also, is the case of suspiciously low prices. But if a website has a professional design, a wide range of goods, and client support, this is a good indicator. Money return from such e-stores should not be a problem. If you have any concerns about the particular store, you can always search for feedback on the internet.

You mentioned several platforms. These platforms work on the principle that you do not transfer money straight to a seller. But first to the platform that guarantees money return in case if your order has not arrived.

Yes. Most of the online stores work this way. This system protects both sellers and buyers. It is a plus of wide-known platforms.

What if you have ordered something, but your delivery delays? What does your experience show, is it a cause for concern?

As things currently stand, you should have patience and acknowledge the situation in the world. Lots of logistic companies are temporarily reducing their workforces. Naturally, it affects the timely delivery. If you are in a hurry with a purchase, it is advisable to look for it on the domestic market or, otherwise, postpone it.

What if you have not received your order after all? How do you make a complaint? In Estonia, it is more or less understandable. But if the purchase comes from abroad?

If you are shopping with a big company, you can contact the client support. Most companies provide excellent customer services, and you won’t have to wait long for help. In any case, if you pay using a bank card, you can always dispute a transaction with your bank. For example, at, we rapidly react to complaints regarding car sellers. Thanks to that, our customers trust us. This way, we build the internet of trust. We are confident that this is the future.