RIA.com Marketplaces at a Glance

RIA.com Marketplaces is an international technology company in Estonia.

Group operates the largest Ukrainian online automotive marketplace (AUTO.RIA.com), online real estate marketplace (DOM.RIA.com), general classified RIA.com in Ukraine, general classifieds RIA.by in Belarus and DomRIA.eu in Baltics.

Our mission

We are building trusted marketplaces according to our vision of the verified Internet. We believe that trust allows to buy and sell goods and services with inspiration. Our technologies are committed to security, speed, verification, and credibility.

Our projects

  • AUTO.RIA.com — #1 Ukrainian and TOP 5 Worldwide online automotive marketplace according to Similarweb
  • DOM.RIA.com — #1 Ukrainian online real estate marketplace
  • RIA.com — #2 Ukrainian general classifieds
  • RIA.by, DomRIA.eu — promising projects for neighboring markets

Key facts

  • Top 25 globally classified
  • EUR 7.1 mln of revenue with 60%
    3Y CAGR
  • over 45 mln of total monthly visits
  • 75% of mobile users
  • over 160 professionals
* according to AIM Group’s 2018 Global Classified Annual Report

Key milestones

  • RIA.com Marketplaces was launched in Estonia
  • AUTO.RIA.com became #5 world automotive site and #1
    automotive site in Ukraine (according to SimilarWeb)
  • The first release of AUTO.RIA.com mobile application
  • The launch of “Verified real estate at DOM.RIA.com” project
  • AUTO.RIA.com became nationally recognized brand in Ukraine
  • The launch of “Safe deals” at RIA.com
  • The launch of VIN check system at AUTO.RIA.com
  • DOM.RIA.com became a nationally recognized brand
  • The first release of DOM.RIA.com mobile app
  • 1 mln downloads of AUTO.RIA.com mobile app
  • RIA Inspectors check over 2,000 real estate objects per month all over Ukraine
  • First successful implementation of AI technologies

Our values

  • Trust between partners (service provider, sellers and buyers) is the only way to make complicated transaction easier. Our learning and innovating approaches provide us with the tools to build trust according to our vision of verified Internet
  • Constant innovation to fulfill users’ needs. Implementation of cutting-edge technologies allows us to keep our leading position
  • Lifelong learning of technologies, business environment, users’ behavior and ourselves is a core value. Our further decisions are based on knowledge and experience

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