RIA.com Marketplaces OÜ has received the A-rating and the “Strongest in Estonia 2015-2019” title

The international credit information company AS Creditinfo Eesti has issued RIA.com Marketplaces the “Strongest in Estonia 2015-2019” certificate.

The Creditinfo rating is an assessment of companies based on 400 different economic, fiscal, and financial indicators. Creditinfo has issued Strongest in Estonia certificate to successful Estonian companies since 2006. According to the Creditinfo rating, the companies with A-rating are the least likely to fail. The chance of bankruptcy of such companies is close to zero. In last years the recipients of the award were companies like EuroPark, Hydroscand, Wavecom, and others.

In February of 2020, RIA.com Marketplaces OÜ also received the award. The company is known thanks to its car retail online-platform (AUTO.RIA.com is #6 world’s automotive website) and real estate platform (DOM.RIA.com is a nationally recognized brand in Ukraine). The credit rating is calculated on the basis of economic data from 2014-2018.

“RIA.com Marketplaces OÜ has maintained a constantly high A-group credit rating throughout the past five financial years. That is evidence of contribution to Estonia’s economy and fair business practices. A high rating is an indication of excellence: only 4,3% of Estonian companies can claim a constantly high rating”, says the document signed by the AS Creditinfo board member Ege Metsandi.

The board member of RIA.com Marketplaces OÜ Artem Umanets says, in turn, that the award did not come as a surprise.

“It is a great pleasure to receive this award from the Creditinfo. It means that our clients can rest assured that we can fulfill our financial responsibilities. It is another proof that we are a trustworthy partner,” says Artem Umanets.

It is worth mentioning that RIA.com Marketplaces have made their way to the Gazelle TOP-2020, showing good revenue and income results in 2018. According to financial analysts, the company will make it to the Gazelle TOP rating also in the next year.