RIA.com Marketplaces OÜ released operational and financial results for Qt4 2019

The fourth quarter of 2019 financial year was another all-time high in financial terms and operational metrics:

  • Revenue increased to EUR 3,369 thousand (+77% YoY and +16% QoQ). EBITDA increased EUR 1,959 thousand (+100% YoY and +11% QoQ)
  • Total visits (sessions) reached almost 300 million in Qt4’19 (37% YoY, 9% QoQ), share of mobile is over 85%
  • Significant macro improvements — CPI of 4.1% YoY in December’19 (6 year low level) archived central bank’s mid term target under inflation targeting policy

Detailed Qt4’19 report is available in Reports and presentations.

RIA.com Marketplaces operates the largest Ukrainian online automotive marketplace (AUTO.RIA.com), online real estate marketplace (DOM.RIA.com), general classified RIA.com in Ukraine, general classifieds RIA.by in Belarus and DomRIA.eu in Baltics.